How to Remove Candle Wax from Wood Furniture

When candle wax is splashed or spilled on wood furniture, it can seem like a nightmare, especially if it did not have even the slightest blemish before becoming splattered with hot melted candle wax. It is possible to remove candle wax from wood furniture without causing further damage. Carefully remove it using one of the following easy methods. Chances are no signs of the mess will remain.

Read Before Attempting to Restore Wood Furniture

When in doubt, consult a professional to remove candle wax from wood furniture to avoid causing more damage. Since not all wood furniture is designed from the same material or finished in the same manner, safe methods of candle wax removal cannot be guaranteed. Use the least potentially damaging method first for best results.

Use a Thin Plastic Card First

Before using heat to melt hardened candle wax that inadvertently spilled on wood furniture, try using a thin plastic card as a scraper. Use a credit card, a rewards card, or even a driver’s license to gently scrape away the hardened candle wax on wood furniture. Take your time, and do not press too hard against the wood to avoid scraping away the finish. If the furniture was properly sealed, chances are it will be easy to remove the hardened mess without leaving a trace. Follow up by polishing the wood furniture with orange oil, lemon oil or a favorite brand of polish. Buff it to a brilliant shine with a clean, soft cloth.

Remove it with a Hair Dryer and Absorbent Paper Toweling

Another one of the best ways to remove hardened candle wax from furniture is by melting the wax once again and quickly soaking it up with absorbent white paper towels. Candle wax stuck on screws is hard to remove so you have to use an impact wrench to remove the screws and clean them. Keep several white paper towels at hand, and melt the hardened candle wax using a hairdryer on the lowest possible setting. Do not hold the dryer in one spot too long. This will reduce the chance of damaging the wood furniture. Also, do not splatter the candle wax further by holding the dryer too close. Once the candle wax begins to melt, use the paper towels to absorb it. Wipe it away without smearing it around. Follow up with citrus oil or wood furniture polish to completely remove any traces of the candle wax. This method to remove the spill from even the finest wood furniture has been known to work like a charm.