How to Make Home Made Furniture Polish

Furniture polish does not have to be pre-made and bought from a store. You can easily make your own home made furniture polish to polish your wood furniture with. Wood furniture can get dried out especially in the winter when the furnace is running and drying the house out. Wood furniture likes to get moisturized just like out skin does so that is stays looking good for years. Olive oil is not a chemical so it is safe to use and it will not hurt the planet.

It only takes a minute to make home made furniture polish. All you need to make home made furniture polish is some olive oil, and white vinegar. You will also need a spray bottle to put the furniture polish on the furniture with.

Take some olive oil and pour it into the spray bottle. The take the white vinegar and add half as much white vinegar as olive oil. It is that simple.

Take the spray bottle with the home made furniture polish in it and spray a thin layer on the wood furniture you want to polish. Let it sit for a minute or two and then wipe it off with a clean soft cloth. When applying furniture polish wipe along the grain of the wood. Never wipe against the grain of the wood.

Olive oil soaks into the wood and makes a good moisturizing finish on the wood. If you don’t like the smell of the white vinegar you can exchange the white vinegar with some lemon juice. They both work the same but white vinegar is less expensive than lemon juice. The white vinegar smell will dissipate with time and you won’t even smell it when it is dry.

If you are in a hurry you don’t even need anything to polish the furniture but some olive oil and two soft clothes. Put some of the olive oil on one of the soft clothes and wipe it on the furniture. Then wipe the furniture with the clean soft cloth to get any excess olive oil wiped up and to spread the olive oil around a bit more.

You don’t need any fancy furniture polishes to keep wood furniture looking good. You just need some olive oil and soft clothes. Olive oil is good for more then just cooking with. Using olive oil on your furniture is inexpensive and it does not have any harmful chemicals in it that could harm the planet.